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Meet Eunice!

I've written a few Rainbow Muse Clinic blog posts that have started with 'Meet..." and then the name of a new member of the team. It seemed fitting that the first blog post for Tandara Pa Rainbow be an introduction to the inspiration for it. So meet Eunice Mupotsa. Grab some tissues – there are some mushy moments.

So this is my beautiful mother, Eunice. She died on the 2nd of February just after her 60th birthday. She is the kindest, funniest, smartest, sassiest, most generous person I know (I use present tense on purpose). The world lost a lot of light that day, that just means I have got to pitch in fill the quota.

When I was little growing up in Zimbabwe, my mumma would take me to the house of friends or family. As we arrived, they’d ask “Muruku tandara?” (“Are you going to tandara?”) If the answer was yes, I was probably going home past my bedtime, asleep in the car. I’d take off my shoes and get lost in whatever that house had to offer. To show up and know you’re welcome – and can immerse yourself in a space where you are wanted and held – that’s my experience of being with others.

My mother was my first safe space, my first place of belonging, and my biggest teacher in what it means to be love in this world.

I founded Rainbow Muse in 2019. After working in mental health settings, I wanted to find another way to do therapy – a way that was creative and fit for people who don’t like boxes. This dream exploded and a little team started to grow. In 2022 I joined forces with my best friend Sammy and together we opened Rainbow Muse Clinic. Soon after we opened, I had to go on leave to visit Zimbabwe. My mother had passed. When I returned I was thrilled to be able to return to this beautiful dream we built. But something was missing. I just needed to tandara with others.

Tandara Pa Rainbow is my expression of my mother's heart. This grief is the most heart wrenchingly painful thing I have ever felt, but it is the price we pay for love. We always need love, to be connected and to be a part off.

The “Pa” in Tandara Pa Rainbow means “on”. So we are going to tandara on the rainbow.

Let's celebrate the magic of creativity, community, culture and connection.

My mother owned a successful advertising agency and later a fashion label. She was creative and business-minded but she still made time for community and doing her part to make things more equal. I have two beautiful sisters but I can't even count how many people called her mom.

We all need spaces where we can truly be ourselves.

I created Tandara Pa Rainbow to honour the most welcoming being I've ever known. Its goal is to co-create safe spaces for people who want to express themselves, engage with community, feel supported and enjoy the magic of other humans.

I migrated to Australia from Zimbabwe in 2003, bringing with me a life of love formed in another community. Going forward, I hope to be more intentional about togetherness.

Tandara Pa Rainbow is a community-focused space for creativity, connection, culture and collective care.

Because everyone deserves to feel like they knew Eunice.

Years of working in community development, prior to entering the mental health space, showed me the power of community, togetherness, creating, moving, playing and sharing. I hope this extension of Rainbow Muse will offer another context and way. And I am eternally grateful to all the people supporting me in making this real.

Mama always liked to tell me: "From rain and storms come rainbows." She even named my son Zuva, meaning "sunshine" – the thing that transforms the rain into the rainbow. Her loss was my biggest storm yet, and this is one of its rainbows.

I hope you will tandara with us.


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